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Charming Paros


An early morning hike today awaited us at Lefkes, a town on the south eastern part of the island. It was the former capital of Paros and also the most mountainous. The guided hike took us to key looking points where students were able to capture stunning photos (a Haven for our photography students).

Following the hike students had a full day of classes at various locations around Paros.  After a long day of hiking and classes, Ephesus taverna was the perfect spot to enjoy a dinner overlooking the water while listening to the echoes of music coming from the yachts in the distance.

Today, students were assigned tables, it was a great way for them to have the opportunity to chat with their peers that they may not have had the chance to yet. Ice breaker games kept them engaged over dinner, and they had a blast completing their challenge of “the most fun and creative group photo”.

Before closing off, a shout out to those 4 early risers who joins this morning’s working out on the beach!

Until tomorrow,

Kali Nihta!

Stephanie Zourntos