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Bon retour !


Dear all,

After a long journey across the Atlantic, a layover in Montréal, and some heartfelt goodbyes, we are now safely returned home to Canada (save those students staying in Europe for more adventures)! I trust by now that the reunions have happened and you are starting to hear all the stories in more detail.

It is no small thing what your children have just done. Between being away from what they are familiar with, making new friends, and balancing school and fun, they all stepped up to the challenge and made the most of this experience. 

Myself, and the rest of the staff, are all very proud of them!

I want to say thank you to our 6 teachers, Alex J, Mimi, Patti, Lacey, Brittany, Alex LG, for their enthusiasm and dedication. They took their students to amazing parts of Paris and along the Côte d’Azur. They came up with creative and amazing assignments designed to maximize the opportunities for experiential learning. They were also generous and understanding in making sure everyone could balance academic success with having fun. 

A huge thank you also goes out to Emma, the Activity Coordinator, for organizing activities, posting on our Instagram, and stepping in to help whenever she was needed – all with a smile on her face!

Finally, thank you to all the students for making this such a fun and enjoyable month for us. I saw lots of growth in all of them, whether academically, personally or socially. I hope they can appreciate, in the weeks and months ahead, just how much they’ve grown and how much this experience has done for them. 

I hope they are able to hold onto the feelings they have now, cherish the memories, and nurture their new friendships. I also hope that they are able to continue to use the travel skills they developed on this program in the future – either in returning to France or exploring a new part of the world.

All the best and wishing everyone a safe and happy August!


Program Manager