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26 July - An Athenian Evening / First Full Day of Classes


Καλημέρα! Good Morning!

What an amazing evening in Athens! As the sun slowly set over the tree-laden peaks of the ancient city, 0ur students went to a beautiful dinner decked out in their best evening dress!

Dining outside amongst rows of typical Athenian tavernas, the students had their first foray into Greek cuisine with Greek salad, pita, tzatziki, tiropita, and souvlaki plates! Taste buds were singing, as were local musicians in a nearby restaurant.

At dinner, we had a special treat as Jack L. celebrated his birthday Greek-style. The students sang him happy birthday, and he received a small souvenir and dessert to commemorate the special day! Surely an unforgettable birthday memory in Greece’s capital city.

After dinner, students (and staff) were exhausted from a full day of travel, and all members of the program got an early rest before starting classes.

Sprawled out throughout the Jason Inn Hotel, students began their first full day of classes today with fun icebreakers, introductions with their classmates, class outlines, and perhaps a presentation or two! A perfect start to the program given the 39 degree heat in Athens today.


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-Your Greece August 2023 Staff Team