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25 July - Welcome to Athens!


καλως ηρθες στην αθηνα! Welcome to Athens! 

After what seemed like a lifetime to wait after the July program departures, Global Summers Academy – Greece August 2023 is off to a roaring start! 

Students are feeling a mixture of excitement and some tiredness after a long but extremely smooth departure from Toronto Pearson. Students were eager to connect with each other right from the get-go, and many of them have started what promise to be wonderful friendships.

After a 45-minute bus ride during which students learned some basic Greek words (ευχαριστώ/thank you) and got their first glimpse of the towering figure of the Acropolis, then they settled into their beautiful rooms at the Jason Inn Hotel in the heart of Athens. 

Some of our students got to make some new friends as they met their roommates, and others are reconnecting with friends from home! 

To try and stave off the effects of jet lag, students were absolute troopers and went for a guided walking tour of the neighbourhood, led by our local coordinator, Chara. They experienced the wondrous beauty and bustle of Monastiraki square, and had the opportunity to grab a quick bite before returning to the hotel.

A buzz of excitement is in the air as students venture their first steps out into the Grecian paradise that we find ourselves in! 

Make sure to follow our program’s Instagram page for regular updates, videos, and further photographs!

-Your Greece August 2023 staff team!