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How to Make Sure Your Child Is Learning on Their Summer Abroad Program

Sending your child abroad for a summer or semester can definitely be nerve-wracking. You want to be well-prepared and to make sure that your child will make the best of the opportunity. As a parent, this is a normal concern and you should try to make the experience as stress-free and interactive for your child as possible. 

It’s important that students don’t just go through the motions of sightseeing and tourist activities. Have them engage in continuous learning throughout the summer by offering them challenges and a chance to reflect on each experience. In the article below, we will delve into some of the best ways that you can make sure your child is learning and keeping engaged while abroad on their student trip.


Prepare for the Destination

Once your child books a summer trip abroad, you will want to make sure they are well-prepared for the destination they are going to. This will certainly involve some background research on the country and its demographic, languages, and customs. 

Make sure your child understands and reads up on certain traditions and expectations when visiting the country they are travelling to. They should also have an idea of the area they are staying in and where to find food, groceries and essentials. 

This preparation will help ease them into the experience and take away some of the stress so that they can learn in a positive and comfortable manner. They will also be more educated before even stepping foot in the new country so that they can appreciate the culture and customs even more.


Get Them Outside

In order to make sure your child has a good time and appreciates learning in their new environment, you should encourage getting outside more often and moving around. Whether it be walking, hiking or trying a new activity that involves the outdoors, your child will definitely enjoy and remember the experience more than if they were cooped up inside of a classroom. After all, the sights, weather and people you encounter are all a part of the experience.

Sometimes the best learning comes from outside of a traditional classroom. Global Summers Academy students are able to be fully immersed in their curriculum. Whether it’s learning about biology in Costa Rica, history in Rome, or photography in various cities across Europe, our study abroad summers programs allow students to be fully engaged with their education. 


Challenge Them

In order for your child to learn effectively and to enjoy doing so, they should be challenged. If they are not stimulated enough, it could lead to boredom and indifference. Activities such as trivia with questions about sights that they’ve seen or challenge them to a physical activity like a hike in a new area they haven’t been before. Challenging your child will get them out of their comfort zone in a fun and effective way. While you won’t be present with your child during their summer adventure, there are likely additional activities they can participate in with the rest of the group. 


Learn a New Language

It’s always beneficial to learn (or begin to learn) a new language. Learning new languages opens up your mind to other methods of communication and to seeing the world through a new lens. Children will be better travellers and communicators when they know more than one language. Start them early and encourage them to learn the language of the country they are visiting. Their experiences will be much more enriching!


Reflect on the Day

It’s a great idea to have an open line of communication while your child is abroad in a new country. Remember to speak with them daily and give them an opportunity to reflect on the day and their new experiences. Ask them about foods they ate, sights they visited and what they liked/disliked. 

This will help them understand what works and doesn’t work for them, and help them establish a better self of identity and independence. It will also teach them and help them practice introspection, which can be a great tool for learning.


Ask Them Questions 

Of course, you want to ask your child the type of open-ended questions that will help enhance their learning experience abroad. Ask them questions about the history and culture of a location and what they’ve observed about a destination. This will help them to become more aware of what they are experiencing and to develop better critical thinking skills.


Provide Positive Feedback

Your child will do well with some positive reinforcement every once in a while. Constructive feedback can also be just as effective. Don’t miss the chance to tell them how proud you are of them and what a great job they are doing. They’ll appreciate the feedback and feel encouraged to continue on the path they are taking.


Choose a Student Travel Program

If you really want to ensure your child is learning, making friends and experiencing new things, choose a student travel program that includes effective teaching opportunities and a well-planned itinerary that takes the guesswork out of planning. Here at Global Summers Academy, we value your child’s education and always prioritize learning when we develop and execute our summer travel programs.

Ultimately, learning doesn’t have to be boring. Your child deserves fun, interactive learning opportunities that will create a positive impression in their mind. After all, learning is a lifelong pursuit and they should come to love it without feeling bored or uninvolved. For more information on 2023 student travel programs and summer programs, please contact Global Summers Academy at 1-844-357-2621 or contact us here. We believe in interactive, engaging summer programs that are far from your regular trip abroad. Please contact us for more information and to answer any questions you may have.