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This weekend was our final weekend of the program!

Both weekend days were free days for the students on the beautiful island of Crete. On Saturday, many students took time to catch up on their final tasks for their classes. Additionally, many shopped, perused the town, and hung out by the pool. On Saturday evening, the entire program went out for dinner at a local Taverna. We had a lovely family style meal, then the students were off to explore Heraklion before sign-in.

Sunday the students had the option to attend a beach day at a local beach called Karteros Beach. Those who came were blown away with the magnificence of the location. The water was crystal clear, and extremely refreshing on such a hot day. Additionally, the beach is located adjacent to the airport in Heraklion, so the day was spent watching planes fly in and out over the seascape. Those who came were not disappointed. The students were even able to work on their final assignments, beachside! Talk about experiential learning!

Sunday evening, the students had dinner at the hotel, then had the evening free to pack up before our departure from Crete tomorrow.

We have a full day of classes in Crete Monday, then we leave in the evening to board our overnight ferry back to Athens.

The coming days should be busy between finalizing course work and continuing our exploration in the capital of Greece!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff