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Mykonos Excursion and Beach Volleyball Tournament

We had yet another wonderful day under the sun!  Today was our first weekend day on the program, so the students did not have classes and were able to enjoy the day to themselves.

Those who had signed up for the Mykonos excursion left in the morning to explore the island.  They took a ferry to the island and had the day to adventure and take in the magnificent views and culture of the island.  You will even see that some of the students had the chance to sit down and chat with a local restaurant owner!

For those who remained on Syros, we mostly spent the day on the beach soaking up the sun.  This included a very intense beach volleyball tournament, where the staff team unsurprisingly came out with the win.  It was an amazing display of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Tomorrow, we begin the first of two days of our Sailing excursions.  It should be a fantastic couple of days enjoying the wonderful oasis we are surrounded by!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff