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July 10: Class and a Little Fun!


Monday, July 10

This morning our dedicated group of runners were up at 7AM for their morning run, this time in the nearby town square in La Fortuna.

After our 7:45AM breakfast, students rushed to get ready for class at 8:30AM.

Our grade 10 science class spent the morning learning about optics, while our photography students were working on their next assignments.

Classes wrapped up at 12:30 today so that we could head out to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Our Program Manager decided to treat the group to a special afternoon at a public park on the Rio Fortuna river where students and staff could jump off the rocks into the river or use the rope swing to show off their talents.

After two hours of great fun, we headed back to our hotel for an afternoon class.

We were treated to a special fish and chips dinner tonight, which a lot of our students decided to follow up with a visit to our favourite churro stand in town.

Students decided to spend the evening in a study session to help prepare them for their biology test tomorrow morning.

We are very excited for our Arenal Volcano hike tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more adventures from amazing Costa Rica.