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Friday in Santorini


Ηλιοβασίλεμα στην Οία! Sunset at Oia!


What an amazing job our students have done this week! Everyone seems to be fully settled into the program now, and this week’s school work output reflected that! Students are making great progress on their classwork, and getting into the meat and potatoes of their courses.


Today, our English and math classes had the amazing experience of doing class while floating in the hotel pool. Hard not to enjoy that! Meanwhile, our history class travelled to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera to see beautiful frescoes and thought-provoking artifacts from the ancient Cycladic city of Akrotiri!


After class, students had some down time to enjoy the pool, do some shopping, continue to explore Fira, or simply have a rest after a long week. This weekend break will be well-deserved!


At dinner time, the entire program hopped on a bus over to the village of Oia, the northernmost village on the island of Santorini, to experience one of the best sunsets in the entire world.


We enjoyed a fantastic dinner of gyros, Greek salad, tiropita, and kebabs, followed by gelato.


After dinner, our guide Nikki gave us a short walking tour of Oia, where the students were instructed to find a good spot to watch the sunset. As the sunset at Oia is incredibly busy and sought after, students went off on their own to find a nook or cranny to enjoy the surreal experience.


As the sun came down, the sky shifted from blue, to grey, to red, to black. The white buildings of the island with it’s blue domes provided a perfect backdrop for photographs, and students appeared mesmerized at the delicate combination of natural and human made beauty!


After the sun set, students explored the village of Oia, did some shopping, and even witnessed a group of kids playing a high level soccer game in the town’s main square. An amazing experience was had by all!


Tomorrow, our excursion to the volcano and hot springs of Santorini!


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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator