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Happy Friday!

Today, the grade 12 English classes and the Ancient Civilization class ventured off to the preserved bronze-age site of Akrotiri. Think Pompeii, but the Greek version, and more well-preserved. The students had a wonderful time learning about the history of the site and how the volcanic eruptions came to preserve it.

After a break in the afternoon, students prepared for their Sunset tour of Oía, which is a neighbouring town to the capital, Fira, where we are staying. We had dinner in town and then had time to explore as the sun set. It was absolutely awe-inspiring. The students were able to explore the town, take pictures of the infamous blue roofs, and observe the mesmerizing sunset. Words and pictures have a difficult time capturing the beauty and awe found in the location and environment as the sun said goodbye to another day in Greece.

Tomorrow is Saturday! Some of our students will be heading to the optional excursion of the volcano off the coast of Santorini, and a swim in the hot springs produced by the volcano! It should be a unique and interesting experience!

Stay tuned for more!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff