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First Day of Classes in Crete


πηγαινοντας στο σχολειο! Off to school!

Goodbye Santorini, hello Crete!

After two weeks spent on smaller Greek islands, we are back to a larger settlement, that has many of the comforts of home at arms reach! The students are absolutely loving the Capsis Astoria Hotel, especially the incredible food at the hotel restaurant.

After the half day yesterday, students got to work for a full day of classes. Students met with their teachers all throughout the hotel, ranging from the conference room in the hotel basement, to the hotel cafe on the ground floor, to the rooftop patio with stunning 360 degree views of the city of Heraklion in the backdrop.

It was a busy day, as many students were preparing for presentations the following day. It was wonderful to see the hustle and bustle of students working in teams and preparing to get up in front of their classes. Some donned Greek-style costumes, others practiced elaborate skits. All seemed to be having a wonderful time!

During some downtime in the afternoon, a number of students elected to go to a local basketball court to play some pick-up ball! It was hard to play for an extended period during the blazing Greek sun, but with lots of water and shade breaks, they had a great little game.

At our dinner at the hotel, the students had the unique and heartwarming experience of getting to wish one of their teachers, Mrs. Leverton, a happy birthday! Mrs. Leverton got a delectable looking slab of baklava, and all the students were happy to celebrate their teacher in Greek fashion!

Tomorrow, our tour of Knossos Palace and the Barbie Movie!

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator