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Class in a Cretan Paradise

Today was our first full day on the island of Crete!

The students had classes at our hotel in the morning; the rooftop patio was the perfect place to soak up some sun while learning!  After classes, students took some free time to grab some lunch in the city. 

Next, we took off on our mandatory excursion to Knossos Palace.  This ancient bronze-age archeological site is known as Europe’s oldest city!  The palace was inhabited by the ancient Minoan civilization as their ceremonial and political centre, estimated to be 3,700 years old.  It was incredible to see the architecture and technology used by the civilization, which inspires curiosity as to how they were able to construct such structures without modern technology.

Tomorrow is a full day of classes for most of our students, except for our group venturing off to our cooking class excursion. Stay tuned to see what our chefs will prepare!

– Your GSA Greece July 2023 Staff