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This is my 7th program that I have completed as a PM.  I enjoy these programs as I meet phenomenal students and amazing staff. I can safely say this has been one of the best student groups I have been associated with.

We met roughly 24 days ago. Over that time, I have witnessed new friendships develop and your relationships improve with your son’s/daughter’s teacher. They have become expert travelers.  

If they are disappointed that the program is almost over, that’s a good thing as it means we as a staff have done our jobs well and the students have fully immersed themselves in the program.

I am hoping that they have created new friendships that will continue for many years, maybe a lifetime.  They have had the opportunity to participate in many amazing excursions that have created great memories.

To the staff, Angela, Dave, Jen, Marina, Paul and Sarah. We did not know each other prior to this program.  I have enjoyed every minute that I’ve spent with you, and I will miss our daily breakfast and dinner conversations. You are phenomenal educators, and I appreciated your support.

The students had a very enjoyable final banquet that included slide shows, an amazing meal, dancing, and night walk along the beach to a bonfire.  A pool party completed the evening.

I would be remiss to not thank our Costa Rican hosts during this adventure.  Mariam, Erik, Mario Jr (Martino), Colorado Paul and Olga.  

To you, the students, this will be your final time together as a group.

As always be safe, enjoy the experience but make smart decisions.

Pura Vida,