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Excursion to Florence, First Double-Period Class Day


Ciao ragazzi!

Ah, beautiful Florence. Firenze to the locals – roll that ‘r’ – has a magic to it that has secured it the top spot on my personal favorite places list. It might have something to do with the magnificent Duomo presiding over the city, or the welcoming Piazza Della Signoria connecting visitors and locals alike to the Ponte Vecchio and the astonishing Uffizi museum, while providing a generous smattering of cafes and gelaterias. 

Our travelling scholars experienced Florence for the entire day, roaming it’s sun-bathed streets with gelato in hand, flipping through the wares of local artistes, and challenging their quads with a climb of 637 steps to the top of the awe-inspiring Duomo of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. What a view!

Beyond the hot spots overflowing with tourists, your world travellers got to experience local life, sitting on fountains with their conversations and gelatos, watching that particularly magical Florentine light play over the piazzas. I saw some very cultural items in shopping bags upon their return! Our group appreciates a good print! 

Back in Rome, the rest of the group split their time between their books and the city. They’ve discovered favourite spots that they return to, while leaving room to explore new monuments, and to turn down this or that side street. (This is often where they find their next favourite shop or pasta dish!) Happy to report that our adventurers continue to hydrate and wear sunscreen! They appreciate that there’s nothing like a big bottle of aqua to keep them going. 

A spectacular thunderstorm entertained us just as curfew rolled around, giving everyone a treat: Rome in the rain! This gave us a break from the heat, bringing a breeze and some more comfortable temperatures for our first double-period class day.

Tomorrow, many of our group will continue to beat the heat at Ostia beach, while their classmates enjoy a last full day in Rome.

Buona Notte!



Activity Coordinator