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Buongiorno from Rome!


Ciao from beautiful Rome!

After a sleepy flight and a smooth transfer through the airport, we arrived in Mediterranean temperatures with our water bottles and sunscreen at the ready! As our wonderful guide Roberto reminded us today, our road has led to where all roads lead: the stunning city of Rome, overflowing with culture and history.

Today, we travelled in the footsteps of the Ancient Romans (who used to walk miles upon miles in the sun without the benefit of orthotics in their sandals!), stepped into our first beautiful church of the week, and tossed our coins in the Trevi fountain!

After a brief visit to the magnificent Piazza Novena, we tucked into an Italian dinner under a canopy of vines in the courtyard of our hotel, followed by – what else – gelato!

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Buona Notte!

Activity Coordinator