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Authentic Cooking Excursion


Νόστιμο φαγητό! Delicious Food!

Today was arguably the most authentic Greek experience that we have had thus far on the program!

This morning, students in English class performed their choral readings, getting extremely creative in their performances, costuming, dramatic techniques, and oratory styles. Each group offered something different, and each played to the individual strengths of their members!

Math class worked on mapping quadratic functions, and Classical Civilizations spent the day attending the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which was absolutely spectacularly loaded with Greek history and culture! True experiential learning.

Those who chose to attend the optional authentic cooking class excursion had an incredibly memorable day. The group drove 2 hours to the small Cretan village of Nipos, where they were greeted at a positively breathtaking taverna nestled in a mountain valley amongst orchards, vineyards, and olive groves.

Our fantastic guide Vincent introduced us to the staff at the taverna, who began to show the group how to cook a typical Cretan meal: stuffed vegetables, tzatziki and pita, traditional Cretan Dakos, and cheese phyllo pastry drizzled in honey for dessert. The mouth waters just to think about it!

The students also had the opportunity to walk around the quaint and serene village, and many remarked that they felt this was the most authentically “Greek” experience that they had engaged in on the program. A truly special evening!

Those who hung back at the hotel had a variety of activities they took part it, including basketball, volleyball, going to the gym, swimming at the rooftop pool, or simply exploring the city of Heraklion!

In the evening, students had a weekend curfew of 12:30, and had the chance to explore Heraklion by night, and all the students seemed to have had a wonderful evening of shopping, exploring, and trying gelatos or crêpes!

Tomorrow, a sleep-in day followed by our optional surfing excursion!

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-Harrison R., Activity Coordinator