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Αντίο Ελλάδα, γεια Καναδά (Good bye Greece, Hello Canada)


We just went through the quickest check in and security check that I have experienced in the 12 years of doing summer programs. It is safe to say your children are more seasoned travelers than they started on July 2, 2022. In this moment, it is hard to describe the impact that this program had on the students, staff and myself but we do know, when we all have some time to reflect on our journey that began on July 2, we will look back on this opportunity with a big smile on our face. Our last dinner and dance on the rooftop of the Stanley Hotel, was a wonderful evening of celebrating what was accomplished, a great group of young adults that formed a cohesive community in 25 days. About half the students decided to celebrate by jumping in the pool (closed to swimming at 8pm) with all their clothes on. The students finally pulled one over on Jason! We truly have an amazing group of young adults with us.

Your children have a big heart and sound direction on where they are going in life, they are ready for what lies beyond high school. Last night we had the opportunity to sign their name on each other’s souvenir t-shirt that was purchased by Global Summers and the staff. Looking around the room it was easy to see how well the group liked one another as they all excitedly signed their name on every t-shirt. This group enjoyed being with one another, for the most part they went from strangers to friends and in some cases, we feel they will be lifelong friends. A perfect way to end a fantastic program.

We want to take this time to thank all the parents for raising such great young adults and for the support you gave to me, our staff and your child throughout the program. I would also like to thank our incredible staff team. Arek, Betty, Gary, Kim and Mary-Rose truly were amazing to work with. Our team embraced experiential education with their classes, they connected with students to bring out the best possible outcomes for academic success and they also showed such great empathy and care for your loved ones while on the program. I could not have done this without them, they were always there to support the program for the entire adventure. Their tireless effort and passion for their subject areas and for creating fun activities for them made this program the success it was. Thank you all so much, we hope to work again another time. This program is coming home today, Wednesday afternoon, but this program will live on, these bonds from this trip will not be broken, these new best friends, this new community, will continue on in Canada.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer everyone.
Sincerely, Jason Smith – Program Manager