Global Summers Academy is proud to support the Trans Bhutan Trail in it’s mission to refurbish, protect, promote and sustain the ancient east to west trail across the country of Bhutan.

The Trans Bhutan Trail is a 403km route, spanning from Haa in the West of Bhutan to Trashigang in the East. It is considered one of the world’s greatest walks and one of the best hiking routes in Asia.

For hundreds of years, the trail was used by pilgrims, messengers, armies and traders. Until the 1960s, it was the only way to travel and communicate with others across the country. Through support from the Bhutan Canada Foundation, and other notable partners, the trail has been restored and has found a new life for an age of adventure and connection.

Image of the Trans Bhutan Trail

The Trail’s vision is to create a link between Bhutan’s past, present and future. The Trail is preserved out of respect for its ancestors and as a symbol of National Unity. It is celebrated as a connection between communities across the Nation and protected as a gift to future generations.

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